Monday, February 13, 2012

I am the worst person to Blog!

I have previously failed at blogging, being I am so forgetful & inconsistent! But, I feel a passion to blog & decided to give it a go.... again.... :) let see how this one goes!

I recently moved, 5 blocks over & 2 blocks back from the beach! My house is a disarray of meaningful & meaningless crap (ekem: the get rid of pile growing!) but am nesting my way back into typical life here on the beach. I am now biking Luna in the trailer behind my beach cruiser to 21st street Beach access so Luna can visit with her retired friends who hang out there everyday. One of them, Mr. Alex, will be 90 tomorrow. His life was much different from mine. He was raised on a farm & served in WWII. But how I crave for that farm to raise my children on!!! Fresh food (where I know it comes from) and thrift stores for all my up-cycling needs!!!

Anyhoo, got a request for a sea turtle blanket!!! That I will be starting up tonight! For a 5x8 throw, with purples & neutrals!! love! This came at a great time as I was just joining the sea turtle patrol. committing myself to be at the beach prior to sunrise every morning during sea turtle egg laying season!!!

Peace :)

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