Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from JustSama @ the beach!

I am the world's worst blogger. But in my defense it is time that is always my issue. And believe me, I love sharing my life with everyone, but in the end, tucking the wee ones into bed and doing some yoga ends up being more important than sitting her typing my life for the world to read. 

But Happy New Year. This is a coat I upcycled for Luna. It is very warm for winter. While we are in SC and it doesn't snow, the beaches by our house get very windy & foggy most of the winter. 

Some days here on the beach it isn't that cold or windy & so I upcycled Luna a lightweight sweater! 

Luna doesn't like socks but has a warm fuzzy pair of crocs she's been sporting this winter. She enjoys leggings under her dresses so I made her a pair of leg warmers to make her legs a little warmer!!!!!!
Then there is my beloved old Prana britches!!!!! They got a hole in them last year & I haven't worn them since but I miss them a WHOLE LOT..... so I cut the damaged parts and sewed on ruffles and some vintage lace my mother found me at a aweome flea market in NorthWestern Georgia (thank you mom!) I also used this lace on the sweaters and the leg warmers. 

And lastly, my children found this awful gingerbread house in a box. The candy was uber hard and the gingerbread tasted like cardboard! But I have a sweet picture of my monkeys with it just before we rang in the new year. Happy 2013!!!!!!

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