Tuesday, November 12, 2013

it is all about my thumb

I do realize I am the worst blogger ever. It is completely understandable. I mean my last post was June & I still haven’t updated my info. J

Anyhoo, I broke my thumb. It is what I get for buying a pair of luxuriously warm hand-knitted cute as maple candy knee high socks for myself… putting them on… and thinking I could just walk down the stairs without busting my ass and my thumb. So, I did both, with grace might I add.

So, I researched what to do to make it better…….. And learned light exercise, like typing is good to reduce swelling. So, if you are a rare person who actually enjoys reading my posts…….. you can thank my broken thumb.

So, I have nothing amazing to talk about. I haven’t  created anything new, grown anything amazing, or made an incredible meal…. My broke thumb has put the impossible in all of that… and has put a huge damper on my intense relationship with yoga.

My day today has been rather shizzy. It all started with it being cold this morning, which meant trying to find stuff to fit over the castey thingy on my arm. Oh, then there is my hair. Cant really do my hair with one hand. You try making a pony tail. It does not work! Oh, and putting deodorant on… one handed on the other pitt. Pulling your jeans up, buttoning, tying your boots, I mean I am TRULY thankful I do in fact have 2 hands, just one being not so functional. So, that was before I found the snow on the way bringing Luna to school.
It was then I saw it. I saw Okemo. I saw their massive slopes jetting down the mountain. I saw they were now ALL now covered in snow. Every single ski trail. Then I looked at the ground. More snow. Then the playground was covered in snow. Everything was covered in snow. And luna is trying to eat it. Ug.  Is it wrong I actually almost cried and threw a fit demanding my shorts and flops and southern weather? Or would that be “dramatizing” the situation?

My thoughts instantly turned to an ahhhhhhhhh fuckity fuck fuck winter is here, and here I am in my boots sockless as I have a new fear of wearing them plushpuppies on my earlthy worn feet. I hate winter. So, I hibernated inside, worked, until it was time to pick Luna up from school. Ok. It wasn’t a bad day. Just a *first sign that winter will be here really freaking soon day*

Maybe I need to be covered in wood smoke with a mug of hot apple cider buddled up in my warmest wool not complaining how I hate the cold & the snow & the ice. Better idea…? Perhaps. Actually hot apple cidar sucks. Swap that with some whiskey. Whiskey is like a sweater you wear on the inside!

Anyhoo, if I dare complain about any of this cold jizz(except for here on my beloved blog I barely use) I am criticized. Only because people don’t get me. If they got me. They would get I am not being “dramatic”. This is all normal behavior for a girl who spent her first 20 years in Florida & never saw snow until she was 20, when for some really stupid reason this girl thought she would just go to Maine to see what snow was all about. Of course I disobeyed daddy on that one.

And daddys are ALWAYS right.

As a kid I would complain I wanted to see snow SO BAD. He would always respond, “You don’t want to see that nasty shit” …………. Well…..Amen daddy, you were right. As always.  

So, there I typed. I am gonna go watch episode 18 of Shameless. Why? Because it is so funny & raunchy. Have a sweet & highlacious night y’all! Hope my thumb gets better super soon!

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